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Guitar World - City Arcade

We have owned Guitar World City Arcade for over a decade now and have always sold Valencia Guitars. The previous owner sold Valencia Guitars for over 20 years & always spoke of their great value!

Valencia Guitars are our number one selling classical brand, & we highly recommend them to our beginner & Intermediate customers & students of all ages & sizes. Their range is available in 4 size, & there added hybrid series has further expanded their of comparability when playing them. Their expanding range of models & finishes continue to make Valencia Guitars more appealing to all levels of musicians.

We have chosen to sell Valencia Guitars because we are a store that does not want to sacrifice quality for affordability but we still need to consider our customer’s budget and Valencia Guitars definitely cater to both, hands down the best quality for the price.

Valencia Guitars have been a staple brand in our store since day dot & we are proud to be stocking & supporting such a great Australian owned product. .

With Valencia Guitars we consistently get 100% customer satisfaction.

Cheers to another 50 years of Valencia & the great team at AMS.

Gerard Toweel

Guitar World - City Arcade Cambpelltown, Australia