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Valencia History

The Valencia guitar brand was created in Melbourne, Australia in 1972. Due to the sub-standard quality of beginners nylon-string guitars available at the time, Valencia guitars was established to provide student guitarists with exceptional quality and value for money guitars, designed for excellent playability and made to the highest possible manufacturing standards.

Valencia in the 80’s

Valencia guitars were originally sourced from a number of factories in South Korea. Before long, news of these exceptional guitars spread around Australia. In the space of a few short years, we became the biggest selling guitar in the country.

In 1982, production of Valencia guitars moved to the largest and best guitar manufacturing plant in the world at that time. This South Korean company manufactured Valencia exclusively for the next 7 years. As a result, Valencia grew from being solely a beginner’s guitar into a guitar range covering beginner to intermediate players. Also during this time we expanded the product range to include acoustic, electric and bass guitars under the Valencia brand name.

By 1989, the cost of manufacturing quality guitars in South Korea became so prohibitive that Valencia production moved to two separate manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. At the time of this move we decided  to take Valencia back to its roots and return solely to producing nylon-string classical guitars.

Valencia in the 90’s

In late 1997, exhaustive research and testing found the manufacturing quality of guitars from some Chinese factories had improved significantly.  So much so that it reached the point of meeting Valencia’s stringent quality standards. It was determined at this time to move the production of Valencia to its third country of manufacture: China.

By late 1998 production capacity in the factories manufacturing Valencia had grown to the point where we decided to begin world-wide distribution. As a result, Valencia Guitars rapidly became available in over 70 countries around the world and are distributed by many of the largest wholesalers in their respective markets.


Valencia in the 00’s

In July 2018, the construction of a new, state-of-the-art guitar manufacturing facility began within our Surabaya factory complex. The new facility has an anticipated completion date July 2019. It will effectively double the size of the existing factory complex. New machinery and production methods will deliver quality improvements and increase production capacity. The new plant will create many new job opportunities for local workers. Whether during construction or new manufacturing positions when fully operational.


Valencia Now

Valencia is now the No. 1 selling guitar brand in many countries and, arguably, the world. Thousands of music stores around the world stock Valencia as their main classical guitar line. These guitar experts do this because Valencia guitars represent the very best value for money on the market! For this reason alone, millions of guitarists around the world have started their musical journeys on a Valencia guitar.