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About Valencia Guitars

Established 1972

When Valencia Guitars was first established in Melbourne Australia in 1972, our first instruments reflected our vision. They were to  provide student guitarists with instruments that had ease of play and were excellent quality. The guitars were to be great value for money and made to the highest possible manufacturing standards.

For more than four decades these four distinct attributes have remained at the heart of the Valencia culture.

Valencia is now the No. 1 selling guitar brand in many countries and, arguably, the world. Thousands of music stores around the world stock Valencia Guitars as their main classical guitar line. These guitar experts do this because Valencia guitars represent the very best value for money on the market! It’s for this reason alone that millions of guitarists around the world have started their musical journeys on a Valencia guitar.

Valencia guitars are expertly crafted in three Southern China factories and in our own, purpose-built manufacturing plant in Surabaya, Indonesia, under the close supervision of a team of fully qualified guitar technicians employed exclusively by Valencia.

Our Vision

  • To provide guitarists with excellent quality and value for money guitars.
  • Make guitars that sound great and feel fantastic to play.
  • Build our guitars to the highest standards.

Our Values

At Valencia we are committed to the highest standards of production, ethics and integrity. We care for our employees and their families, our customers and users of our products and to the society in which we all live.

  • We build every Valencia instrument with a purpose – to provide the world with quality, affordable instruments that enhance and inspire a lifetime of playing music.
  • Our craftmen build every Valencia guitar . We use the best selected tonewoods sustainably harvested from renewable forests.
  • We strive to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats and prevent pollution.
  • Our factories conform strictly to local and international labour laws.
  • Our team of fully-qualified guitar technicians oversees Quality Control in all our factories. They ensure our production and quality standards hold fast to our values,
  • Our purpose built factory in Surabaya, Indonesia,  produces instruments with features and specifications of a higher standard than our competitors in similar price-points. This is a first in the history of guitar manufacturing.